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'Help is overwhelming'

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De Koepel, a former prison in Breda, has been a semi-permanent shelter since March 2022.created for people from Ukraine. Together with volunteers in and around Breda, we have transformed the cells of the old Koepel prison into a nice, clean home in a very short time.

We work together with the Municipality of Breda and, together with a number of other partners, create an efficient, sustainable and safe environment. We offer social added value, for example in the areas of (labor) participation, local investments and housing.


The first crisis shelter for refugees coming to the Netherlands is arranged nationally. From the first shelter in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht, we determine which municipalities have room and can offer a safe place to live.

Ukrainian refugees who arrive in the Netherlands and do not have a place to sleep with friends or family can go to the national first emergency shelter in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. Refugees who register here will be referred to a reception location in one of the municipalities where there is room. An attempt is made to take the preferences of Ukrainian refugees into account.

For more information

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To contribute!


Keep an eye on the website for updates.

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Aid for Ukraine

For months we have been seeing images of the war in Ukraine every day: images that make a deep impression on all of us. This evokes an enormous feeling of solidarity with the residents of Ukraine and many refugees. Heart-warming, concrete initiatives arise in our city from the feeling of solidarity and togetherness.


We receive many questions from residents of Breda who have raised money or want to donate items.


Ask a question, offer help, or register an initiative yourself? Visit the website to see if and what the demand is.​

Thank you very much for your efforts!

National Pride

In recent months, a huge number of Ukrainians have fled the country due to the Russian invasion.


Municipality of Breda and De Koepel Breda B.V. have joined forces.

The Dome Breda

Nassausingel 26, 4811 DG Breda

- visit by appointment only, please report to reception -

Ask a question, offer help, or register an initiative yourself? Use the contact form on the


For press and media questions and requests 

always contact the press office in advance via 

Ukraine Flag

The images of the war in Ukraine are heartbreaking and all the help is heartwarming. We want Thank you very much to everyone, each and every one, for their efforts.

Namens team De Koepel Breda & Gemeente Breda danken wij:Cookaholics - B2-Cleaning - Beleg van Breda - Barlucca - Careflex Zorg Groep - Coolblue - Gruppo Corso - Whirlpool Nederland - IKEA - Dopper - Facilicom Group Foundation - GOM Schoonhouden - Tennant - IXXI - Dopper - Peter van Son - Philips - Boma NV - Q-Promotions - Lebara - KPN - Rabobank Breda - Schoen & Sleutel Specialist van der Vlist - Schellenbach BV - Scorpions Security - Intertent - Mega collections - McGregor New York - Oogenlust - Van Strien - Intratuin Breda - All Rent Breda - Bart Poppelaars Tuinmaterialen BV - LMS Distribution - SMARTTech - Comcross - VPS Nederland - Kärcher Nederland - Fatboy the original - Supertec BV

Companies, each of which contributes or has contributed to the help forUkrainian refugees. 

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