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BREDA - In collaboration with the municipality of Breda, we have quickly converted the Koepel as a reception location for refugees from Ukraine. There are a total of 630 places. The first refugees moved in on March 14. Together with volunteers in and around Breda, we have transformed the cells of the old Koepel prison into a nice, clean home during this period.

As a hospitable and borderless city, Breda took its responsibility by providing crisis emergency shelter. Thanks to the efforts of volunteers, the first group of refugees was given accommodation in the main building of the Dome that same month. In the autumn of 2022, the municipality signed a 3-year lease with the owner of the complex. This makes it possible to continue to use the main building of the Koepel and the two outbuildings M (the former women's wing) and S (the former psychiatric wing) as a flexible reception location. 

Approximately 400 Ukrainian refugees live in the main building of the Dome. From March 2023, a maximum of 230 refugees will also stay in building M. They sleep in this building and use the facilities of the main building. 
More than 160 refugees live at private addresses. And there is a reception location for a special target group in Bavel. 

Approximately 72 Unaccompanied Minor Refugees have been given shelter in building S on the grounds of the Koepel. The guidance of this group of young refugees is in the hands of COA (the Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers).


Uncertain period

Work is currently underway on various forms of assistance and shelter. It is not clear what the consequences of the war in Ukraine will be for the Netherlands and Breda. “As a municipality, we prepare ourselves as best as possible for possible developments. read the most current information.”


De Koepel Breda creates together with a number of other partners, we create an efficient, sustainable and safe environment. We offer social added value, for example in the areas of (labor) participation, local investments and housing.

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