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Residential Coordinator - 32 / 40 hours
Refugee shelter De Koepel

What are you going to do?

We are looking for a Residential Counselor for the reception of refugees in the Koepelgevangenis in Breda. These people have left home and hearth and end up in an unfamiliar environment where they do not speak the language and do not know the customs. They can go to the Dome to get through the first period. Making them feel safe and encouraging their self-reliance in their new (temporary) environment is your goal. To achieve this, you offer support in various areas. Where can you find a drugstore? How do you get a Dutch SIM card? Where do you start when looking for a job? But you also know where to drink a beer and you offer a listening ear if one of the residents wants to tell his or her story. You identify tensions between them and in the event of undesirable behavior you discuss this.

Who are we?

We are De Koepel Breda and we are currently creating a semi-permanent shelter for people from Ukraine in De Koepel, the old prison in Breda. Together with volunteers in and around Breda, we transformed the cells of the old Koepelgevangenis into a nice, clean home in a short period of time. All basic facilities are arranged. Now only the human factor remains.

We work together with the Municipality of Breda and together with a number of other partners we create an efficient, sustainable and safe environment. We offer added value to society, for example in the field of (labour) participation, local investments and housing.

What do we ask of you?

You are MBO or HBO educated (preferably in the direction of social works or social agogic)

· You are in possession of a driver's license and your own car

· You are willing to work evening and weekend shifts

You can empathize well with others and are also well able to indicate your own limits

· You do not have a criminal record You can submit a VOG.

What do we offer you?

· A contract of 32 to 40 hours. Initially for 6 months, with a view to extension

25 vacation days based on 40 hours

· Competitive salary


Have we aroused your interest?

Then we look forward to receiving your CV with motivation. Let Judith know why you are perfect for the position of housing coordinator!

Attn Judith van Oss

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